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The Master of Nutrition Medicine program is a 11 unit program that includes the Graduate Certificate and the Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Medicine.

This postgraduate degree program is offered through RMIT University (Melbourne) in a collaborative venture with the Australian College of Holistic Medicine (Brisbane).

The program is a high level postgraduate program aimed at primary health care practitioners who are seeking to enhance their clinical knowledge and training in the therapeutic application of Nutrition Medicine in disease.

As you can imagine, the program has to serve 3 major interest groups:

1) naturopathic and complementary healthcare practitioners who generally have had some exposure to the therapeutic use of diet, nutrients and nutraceuticals but generally have less exposure and skills in nutritional assessment, medical diagnosis and clinical management;

2) medical practitioners who generally have good exposure to clinical diagnosis and patient assessment but less exposure to therapeutic nutrition and nutraceutical management and

3) primary practitioners who are seeking to develop their clinical knowledge and assessment skills in Nutrition Medicine so as to move into a more academic role in clinical research or teaching.

The program is comprehensive, highly structured and academically rigorous , with an emphasis on patient assesment and clinical management, based on a solid foundation of a) physiology, biochemistry and pathology and b) contemporary scientific and medical research.

This program is the only university postgraduate course in Nutrition Medicine that aims to produce highly competent healthcare practitioners , who possess an integrated scientific knowledge and clinical skill base that enables them to work successfully alongside more 'orthodox' medical practitioners as valued members of integrated holistic healthcare teams.

Because of the program's strong integration between medical and nutritional assessment, nutritional therapeutics and patient clinical management, all applicants including doctors, nurses, naturopaths and chiropractors etc. are required to complete the full program of 13 units.

In the initial programs, offered through UNE, many students were doctors and naturopathic practitioners, several with double degrees and many of whom were senior lecturers in naturopathy and nutrition at Australia's leading Natural Medicine colleges. As we closely monitored the structured feedback from these earlier students we found this feedback invariably followed along the lines of "I didn't realise how much there was to learn and how much I didn't know" - so we know this program provides a high level of advanced training in the practice of Nutrition Medicine.

We have purposefully structured the graduate certificate and graduate diploma sections of the program so that they accommodate to the needs of busy working professionals, using distance education, internet tutorials and competency-based assessment, in addition to concentrated block residential schools, where students and teachers meet face-to-face for intensive clinical training and skills development.

You will learn how to:
  • a) thoroughly assess your patients from a physiological and nutritional perspective;
  • b) use this clinical knowledge to formulate and implement an integrated, comprehensive dietary-nutritional program to modulate disease; and
  • c) clinically manage your patient, adapting the therapeutic program according to patient response to optimise health status.

We can assure you that, should you undertake this program, you will find it thoroughly exciting and enjoyable despite the hard work and attention to detail that is the hallmark of the expert Nutrition Medicine practitioner.

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Mel Sydney-Smith
Dr. Melvyn A Sydney-Smith. KGSJ.
MBBS. PhD. Dip Clin Nutrit. FACNEM.